Welcome to the Pontiac Lodge

Main Cabin of Pontiac Lodge 

Pontiac Lodge is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on the excellent year-round hunting and fishing opportunities.

Located in the heart of the beautiful Laurentian Mountains, it sits on Summerville Lake and has more than 50 lakes nearby. With no towns close by, no private cottages dotting the shoreline and access to forests and uncleared bush, we can ensure top quality fishing and hunting. 

Sportsmen and family groups have enjoyed Pontiac Lodge for over 100 years. Over time, guests have come for the fishing and hunting and returned because of the wonderful accommodation, excellent food, warm hospitality and expert guiding services of the Sullivan family.

We know what you expect and guarantee good service. Pontiac Lodge has become a favourite for many hunters and fishermen. We invite you to make it yours.

Highlights from the past season:

  • Put a new face and addition on the main lodge (see picture above). Big job, but the groups we had in this past summer and fall very much enjoyed the new dining room.
  • Moose hunt was good, bear hunt had good reviews with everyone who wanted a bear taking one home, bird hunting was fair, and the fishing was good.
  • Continued with the age-old custom of cutting ice directly from the lake for refrigeration during the summer. And we had a brand new ice house built to store the blocks. It worked like a charm.


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